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about jusin clasic

           In 2006, Jusin became known by the public as a young magician who introduced the art of changing masks. Jusin himself began to be interested in magic arts at the age of 8 and pursuing magic for 3 years. After that, he held various magic shows and also attended a magic competition in 2007 when he was 12 years old. When he was 13 years old, Jusin founded magic management called Born Magic (Born to be a Magician) which became a place for young magicians in Kalimantan.

            In the mid of 2011, Jusin was invited to a TV program hosted by Deddy Corbuzier. He showed his skill in mask changing arts and told his story of learning the mask changing art in indonesia.


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      Jusin has participated in various international magic events and conventions which made his name more famous in Indonesia and abroad. Starting from China Beijing International Magic Carnival to Korea FISM World Championship of Magic, he has participated. He was even involved in the International Magic Festival in China in 2012 which was the second largest magic show in the world.


Born Magic Production                                  |     Love is Magic    |   2009   |   Lead Actor & Producer.

IBeijing Foreigner Company                          |      北京欢迎您       |   2012   |   Supporting Actor


nternational Ambassador of China Culture   |   Mask Changing   |   2014   |   Actor.


Indonesia Trans 7 TV Talk show        |    Deddy Corbuzier interview FYMCI      |    2011     |    Mask change (变脸) Show.

北京欢乐谷国际魔术节                 |   全球第二大魔术盛会                       |   2012   |    Stage Magic Artist.

China Beijing TV  (BTV)                     |    北京卫视魔术大会                                |  2012   |    Stage Magic Artist.

​Beijing International carnaval    |   Magic Conference                         |   2012   |    Magic Guest star.

Beijing Golden Great Wall         |   Perfomance Culture                       |   2014   |    Magic Perfom's.

China Chang ping                      |   International Magic Convention    |   2015    |    Stage Magic Artist.

北京语言大学“孔子学院杯”         |  汉教博士大赛 opening ceremony  |    2015   |    Illusion Magic Artist. 

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