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                                                              About Born Magic


Being a place for young people to channel their hobbies in the field of magic, the existence of Born Magic has shown that magic never dies. Founded by Jusin Clasic, a talented young magician, the name of Born Magic itself has been recognized by the public in Indonesia and even overseas especially for its positive activities that make it attractive.


                                                      About Born Magic and Activities

Magic may not be a hobby that many people pursue. However, we cannot deny that magic shows can be enjoyed by people of any social conditions and ages. For those who want to pursue a unique hobby that can be enjoyed by many people, magic can be a great choice especially for its satisfaction of entertaining many people.

                                                Hold Magic Events up to Film Production

Born Magic is not only a platform for gathering young people who have interests and talents in magic arts. There are various magic shows held almost every month by Born Magic to showcase the abilities of its members in magic arts. Not only that, Born Magic even produced their first film entitled "Love Is Magic". The "Love Is Magic" film became the first film produced by Born Magic members in 2009. With the theme of romantic and magic drama, "Love Is Magic" became such an anticipated movie because it tells the other side of the magic world. It shows that magic isn’t only about playing cards or pulling out flowers and rabbits from a hat.

                                           Provide Magic Course and Magician Services


In addition, Born Magic also provides places for those who are interested in learning magic. Born Magic offers magic courses for anyone who wants to explore magic arts and become a famous magic master. Moreover, Born Magic is also ready to accept any request of magicians to perform at various events such as private party and office gathering.

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