First young mask changing Indonesia

Jusin Clasic began to learn the art of Chinese face mask changing or Bian Lian for a reason. This art performance is originally from China and has something special which is believed to be passed down through generations. This show is interesting because the players can change their faces with a range of masks in a few seconds only. 



At that time, Sichuan Province which is the home of Bian Lian encountered an earthquake that later prompted the community to hold a fundraising event. One of the ways to raise the funds was by holding an art performance. Jusin and his grandfather at that time became one of the audiences who witnessed this charity performance. After watching the show, Jusin began to get interested in learning the art of face mask changing which he thought was different from magic. What made him even more interested was the rumor about Bian Lian which cannot be learned by everyone. It’s because the art is inherited from generation to generation in a secretive way.




His grandfather also told him that this art cannot be learned. Instead of giving up, Jusin tried to find a way to prove to that he could secretly learn it. He even spent around 35 million on costumes and learning the secret of Bian Lian. At that time, it was not impossible for him to spend the money in vain. Additionally, Jusin was also being anxious about his future in magic arts. He thought about how he can be popular as a magician because at that time there were no TV shows that performed magic arts. But finally, there was The Master, a famous TV show showcasing a magic competition. It made Jusin’s hopes getting stronger to explore Bian Lian.

The Reason to Get Interested in Learning the Art of Face Mask Changing.
Starting from the Earthquake in Sichuan, China
Getting Interested in Bian Lian Secrets

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