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Jusin Tiono (Chinese name: Zhang You Xin / 张 猷 信, born in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, 24 April 1995) is an Indonesian professional magician.


     He is better known as Jusin Clasic (JSN) and is the first and youngest magic artist in Indonesia to popularize the art of changing masks (Bian Lian) which is originally traditional art from China. Jusin was born as a Chinese indonesian descendant who spent his childhood in Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Starting his career as a magician at a very young age, Jusin didn’t take his education without care. After completing his high school education in Singkawang, he continued his studies at Beijing Language Culture University (BLCU) and has achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Height: 172cm   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black



         02-08-2011 The First Young Magic Artist in Indonesia who popularized the art of changing mask (bian lian) from China in 2006.

Tv Show interview:jusin clasic about learn mask changing art in indonesia.

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Bian Lian or face mask changing is an opera art originating from Ancient China. Better known as the art of changing faces or masks, Bian Lian is performed by changing face masks in just a few seconds. In Indonesia, the art of face mask changing was popularized for the first time by Jusin Clasic, the First Young Mask Changing Indonesia.


About Jusin Young Mask Changing Indonesia


As a young magician who introduced the art of face mask changing in Indonesia for the first time, the presence of Jusin Clasic indeed became a byword in public. Yet, what that "Young Mask Changing Indonesia" significance is precisely? Of course, it's not just a matter of young people who play the art of face mask changing in Indonesia. Actually, the term Young Mask Changing Indonesia is existed because the art of face mask changing is generally performed by grownups. Even in its home country, this art is rarely learned by young people. Therefore, the title of Young Mask Changing Indonesia or a young face mask changing player from Indonesia is highly appropriate to describe Jusin Clasic. Jusin Clasic himself studied Bian Lian art secretly for fear of being scolded by his parents because his parents had banned Jusin from studying the art beforehand. However, Jusin talent’s in Bian Lian was caught by a creative team from one of the popular talk shows in Indonesia Hitam Putih which is hosted by Deddy Corbuzier, an Indonesian famous magician. Jusin’s performance in Hitam Putih, a TV program aired by an Indonesian private TV station in 2011 unconsciously made Jusin met a magician who had inspired him in the world of magic. Although at that time his parents disagreed, he insisted on attending the program. Jusin showed up his ability in Bian Lian and told his story to learn it.



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